Traditional cast iron wood-burning stove with four openings, a grate and an ash drawer. It has a rectangular shape. The frame, the upper surface and the oven are formed from a single casting. In the back it is supplied with two lids 205mm in diameter; on the front it is supplied with a loading lid280mm in diameter and with a set of rings 205mm in diameter.
Besides heating, this model of wood-burning stove is ideal for cooking.

  • Characteristics:
    Height, 68cm
    Width, 60cm
    Depth, 84cm
    Net weight, 139kg
    Upper flue outlet, Ø12cm
    Fuel charging inlet, Ø28cm
    3 openings lid rings, Ø20.5cm
  • Rated output: 10kW
  • Heatable volume (given an energy demand of 35 W per m³): 285m³
  • Heatable surface (given a room height of 2.8m): 102m²