Cast iron wood-burning stove with frontal glass. Side loading. Double combustion.
This stove has internal interchangeable and easily replaceable plates.
Every door is equipped with gaskets in order to assure airtight sealing of the stove. On the lower part of the stove there is primary air and on the upper part there is a secondary air intake.
The “smoke route” is possible thanks to an angular plate that is easy to dismantle and in this way a simple annual cleaning is possible.

  • Characteristics:
    Height, 73cm
    Width, 63cm
    Depth, 47cm
    Net weight, 160kg
    Upper flue outlet, Ø14cm
    Side loading, 20x20cm
    Frontal opening with glass, 40x27cm
  • Rated output: 12kW
  • Heatable volume (given an energy demand of 35 W per m³): 343m³
  • Heatable surface (given a room height of 2.8m): 122m²