Traditional cast iron wood-burning stove supplied with two lids of a diameter of 250mm and 280mm respectively. It is also possible to have a set of rings 250mm in diameter.
This wood-burning stove is fitted with internal reinforcements. The frame is 10mm thick. Both the frame and the upper surface are formed from a single casting. Wood burns on the glowing ember bed.
On the door there is a grate that allows the air regulation.

Height 53/61cm
Width 59cm
Depth 60cm
Net weight 60kg
Upper flue outlet Ø10cm
Fuel charging inlet Ø28cm
2nd opening lid rings Ø25cm
Rated output 6.7kW
Heatable volume (given an energy demand of 35 W per m³) 191m³
Heatable surface (given a room height of 2.8m) 68m²